disgusting customer..huh~

wth with the pic ?? dont labeled me as "gile seks" ! just wanted to tell u a story that related with the pic above..it happened long long time ag0 when i worked after spm as a cashier in supermarket..i never thought that i would face this kinda customer..he's a male customer..cant tell his religion, it could be an issue if i told u..let me call him as mr.L for loser ! haha
the story begin......

mr.L bought some grocery things + condom ! and he paid at my counter..
he's not the first customer that bought those "fucking things" ! i've met a lot
of customer just like him..when he came to my counter,
of course i just be cool..small matter peeps ! haha
hey hey hey, i've grown up now! i knew that kinda things..it's not so weird..bhahaha!
NO sex BEFORE married...
i'm MUSLIM..it's a BIGGEST sins if i against Him..
oke, back to the story....
after he paid, i thought he's going to leave just like other customers,
after paid, of course LEAVE !
but not him...
he just standing besides me, and asked me this kinda question,
"...do u know this ? (he showed me the condom)..."
omaigod ! how could u asked me somethin like that u BITCH ! disgusting~~~
i never answer his question...just do my work, there's a lot of customers to be settle down!
"...why dont u leave bitch ?.."(shouting in my heart !!)
just like before, standing there n telling me about that stuff! oohhh plissss !!!
help me ! gile seks la die nie !
oke surya,calm down..just ignored him..IGNORED !
a few minutes later, thank god, he's leaving ! yay !
i can feel my safety now ! haha..
that was the spooky experience i've ever had in my whole life !!!
oh god,plishhh..i dun wanna see those people who is absolutely like mr.L

*AGAIN ! sorry for the grammatical mistakes n those bad words..sorry..have a nice day..SALAM :D

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