HIS noble attitude

salam ukhuwah
I can feel the satisfaction of machine learning today ! thnxxxx to my fren tina..she taught me about decision tree and all the calculation..i hope i can do well for my midterm(machine learning) this thursday..amin..hehehe..well, as we all know, tomorrow is a special day..VERY VERY SPECIAL DAY.. 12 Rabiul Awal 1432 Hijrah.. the birth of our prophet..peace be upon him..happy Maulidur Rasul to all muslim all over the world..i just read an article about Mengapa Rasulullah dirindukan dan dicintai? after read the story, i'm so proud of Rasulullah because there's so many peoples who loves him and willing to sacrifice for him...his noble manners/attitude has touch off the people around him..from the article, it is prove that, if we always follow the Rasulullah 's attitude, insyaAllah, everybody around us will respect and love us perhaps they willing to do anything just to protect us..when we're gone, we will be remembered for our good attitude or our contribution to people/society/religion/country..just like Rasulullah, till now, he will always in our heart and mind..so, let us follow what Allah asked us to do so that we can meet Rasulullah in paradise of janna..amin..sometimes this kind of statement appeared in my mind, "...i wish that Rasulullah is here with us NOW..." SALAM :)
Wait ! i just want to take this opportunity to tell u that my fren, wan nadzirah zulkhefli, my classm8 too, from 2BITI faculty, FTMK, she involved herself for MPP(majlis perwakilan pelajar)..i forgot when is the voting day..haha ! i just want to say go go wan ! FIGTHING ! i'll vote for you ! all the BITI's student confirm2 akan vote kaw n always be at your side to support and give you a bombastic spirit..goodluck ! 

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